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Call for proposals: International dialogue (fwd)

Liebe KollegInnen,
die folgende verlautbarung von EBLIDA gebe ich gerne an sie weiter:

> >Some of you will already have seen the call for proposals concerning
> >actions on "International Dialogue and Information Exchange for the
> >deployment of a Global Information Society" (IDEIS support actions) that
> >was published on 24 October 1998. It is certainly of interest for all that
> >have international contacts with:
> >Mediteranean countries
> >Africa
> >Latin America
> >South and South East Asia
> >China
> >Central and Eastern European countries
> >
> >The deadline is 14 December 1998, the information package is available at:
> >http://www.ispo.cec.be/ispo/call/opencalls.htm
> >
> >Proposals should include the following types of activities: promoting
> >dialogue through Information Society (IS) fora in these countries or
> >regions; awareness, preparation and implementation of IS action plans in
> >the countries or regions; exchanges of information, experience and best
> >practice between EU projects and inventories with the countries or regions
> >(workshops, meetings, studies, seminars, information days); preparation and
> >presentation of potential projects for support under appropriate EU
> >programmes.

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