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[Fwd: Our thoughts are with you]

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Dear colleagues:

The President and Governing Board of IFLA and the staff at IFLA HQ,  wish to express our deepest sorrow to our members and friends in the United States for the lives lost in the terrible tragedies in New York, Pittsburgh and Washington. We have all been watching and reading about the events with horror and anxiety for your welfare.  We are unable to find adequate words to express our sadness, but we wish you to be assured that our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with you all. That we were with you so recently, experiencing your wonderful hospitality, makes it all the more poignant.

Events such as this serve to test our resolve, as library and information professionals, to cling to our ideals of freedom of information and commitment to cultural diversity. May we find the strength to do so.

We would be glad if you could ensure wide dissemination of this message, which will appear on IFLA-L.

Ross Shimmon
Secretary General
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions 
PO Box 95312
Prins Willem Alexanderhof 5
Tel: +31 70 3140884
Fax: +31 70 3834827
Email: ross.shimmon _at__ ifla.org
Visit our Website:<www.ifla.org

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