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[Inetbib] Suchmaschine Northern Light wird kostenpflichtig

Weiterleitung aus SOLOLIB-L:


"As of January 16, 2002, the company will no longer be providing free  
Web search capabilities to the general public. Northern Light's Special 
Collection(TM), an online business library of over 70 million pages of full-
text, authoritative content from more than 7,100 sources, will continue to 
be offered to enterprise customers and to the public from Northern Light's 
Web site. Additionally, the company will offer Web searching to enterprise 
customers. Northern Light will continue to maintain and update its index of 
more than 350 million Web pages to provide enterprise customers with 
search of the Web using Northern Light's patented classification  
technology, and will continue offering custom Web searching for 
enterprise customers."

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.