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International Network of Public Libraries

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International Network of Public Libraries 
The outstanding learning experience

Are you a successful practitioner of public library management, 
and do you have at least five years professional experience in
an executive position?

Are you open-minded vis-à-vis international experience and
interested in innovative ideas from other countries?

Are you influential in your national library scene and prepared 
to disseminate the results of the Network?

Do you have good English skills, and are you willing to communicate
by e-mail?

Then come and join the International Network of Public Libraries!

The Network - initiated in 1996 by the German Bertelsmann 
Foundation - currently consists of 15 library practitioners from 
10 countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, 
Great Britain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, USA). 
It pools international know-how, supports the development of 
successful management concepts and promotes their practical 
implementation. Innovative solutions developed by practitioners 
for practitioners and a fast exchange of experience are the 
overall objectives. 

For the next project cycle (October 2002 to February 2004) 
we are now searching for five practitioners with outstanding 
experience and success in innovative library work to add to 
our Network.

Are you interested in one of the following seven topics, and in 
which aspect in particular? Do you have practical experience 
in one of these fields? Or would you perhaps like to suggest 
another current topic?

* Branding and marketing the public library
- Effective ways to promote services today and tomorrow

* Cultural diversity - successful concepts for multi-cultural 
  library work 

* Staffing the hybrid library
- What innovative strategies exist in the field of staff recruitment 
  and development?
- How to nurture future library leaders?

* Back to basics: innovative ways in encouraging reading
for the future
* Wireless applications
- Future trends and technologies: planning, financing, implementing

* Content development - a new role for public libraries
- Creating and managing content; giving access to digital resources

* Global gateways to information sharing
- Access to library services for customers from all over the world: 
  legitimation, practice and policy 

Over a period of about six months the members of the Network 
jointly prepare research reports on the above, working either 
together in small groups or individually. In the process they 
consider international experience in the field and analyse particularly 
successful case studies. In the subsequent discussion within the 
Network the reports are examined for their model character and their 
transferability. The authors then have again up to three months time 
to revise and complete their papers. The objective is to develop 
future-oriented concepts that can, as a matter of principle, be applied 
in all countries of the Network. The members undertake to attend 
the two forthcoming Network conferences in Utrecht (Netherlands) 
from 4-9 October and in Guetersloh probably at the end of July 2003.

The Bertelsmann Foundation provides financial and organizational
support for the Network and offers a budget for the research and 
publication of the reports. Besides this, expenses for travelling and 
accommodation for the Network conferences will be covered by the 
Bertelsmann Foundation.

This advertisement is posted to several international mailing lists. 
Incoming applications will firstly be pre-selected by the Bertelsmann 
Foundation and then evaluated by all existing members of the Network. 
Finally, a joint decision will be made. In addition to the professional 
qualification of the applicants geographical aspects will be taken into 
consideration. It is aimed for an equilibrium of countries. 

We would be happy to receive your application. 
Please send your application documents in electronic format
(preferably by e-mail) by 22 April 2002 to the

Bertelsmann Foundation
Public Libraries Division
Ms. Anja Friese
Carl-Bertelsmann-Str. 256
D-33311 Guetersloh
E-mail: anja.friese _at__ bertelsmann.de
Tel: ++ 49 / 52 41 /  81 81 202
Fax: ++ 49 / 52 41 / 81 81 998

It would help the selection process if you could supply the 
following information in your application:

Information about yourself
- vita
- short description of your current activities (300-500 words)
- preferred topic and first ideas for your possible contribution

Description of your library
- number of libraries and branches
- number of inhabitants in your city
- size of collection
- number of full-time employees
- opening hours per week
- annual budget
- annual turnover
- number of lendings per inhabitant
- number of visits per inhabitant
- mission statement of your library
- medium and long term goals and objectives of your library
- important developments in your library in the last three years

Other materials like annual reports or image brochures will 
also be very welcome.

For further information about the International Network of Public
Libraries and the Bertelsmann Foundation please visit our
homepage at http://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/INPL.
(German version at http://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/INOEB.)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anja Friese
Project Director 
International Network of Public Libraries

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.