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Dear Sir,

I am Mr Frank Edward,a Sierra
Leonian by nationality.Presently I am residing in a
neighbouring Benin Republic on exile.

After the war that ravaged my country for a couple of
years, most of us in the military are under very tight
scrutiny and constant oppression, thus necessitating
my flee to Cotonou for safety.

I have fifteen million U.S. dollars ($15M) in a security and
finance company in Amsterdam with which I wish to
invest in a related area of my interest which is
acquisition of farmlands/buying franchise of one or
two products made in your company/country which will 
be exported to popular African markets that commands l
arge demand of such products .

This will be done on your personal advice.

Therefore if you indicate interest to fashion me with
investment advice ,I will be glad to receive your kind
response through e-mail for further
explanation regarding my request.

Regards and God bless you

Mr Frank Edward.

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