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CfP: Informetric and Text based Procedures, RC33, 16-20/8/2004

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Call for Papers

Session 'Informetric and Text based Procedures for Information Retrieval and
Analysis' (e.g. in the Context of Digital Libraries)
at: RC33 Sixth International Conference on Social Science Methodology
(Amsterdam, August 16 - 20, 2004)

H. Peter Ohly / Maximilian Stempfhuber, Social Science Information Centre


Citation Analyses, Scientific Productivity and Networks, University Ranking,
Retrieval-Weighting, Information Mining, Cross-Concordances, Integration of
Heterogeneous Data

The aim of this session is to present new insights into formal ranking and
linking procedures based on knowledge organization systems or statistical and
text analytical algorithms, and to discuss restrictions and possibilities of
these approaches in the information field. Of special interest are methods
applicable to several of the different types of information which can be found
in digital libraries: full-text documents, bibliographic descriptions,
metadata for statistical data, web sites, process produced traces and
structural patters of these.

Digital libraries with their wealth of different data types and sources rise
new challenges when analytical methods for linking or ranking are applied to
new types of data or to merge data from heterogeneous sources. In the field of
Social Sciences, the integrated retrieval of text-based information, metadata
and empirical data plays an important role for the scientific community. How
can informetric and text based procedures support this? What standards are
necessary to apply them to different data types? How can their results be
merged to yield predictable results?

Especially for evaluation purposes the quantitative analysis must be enhanced
by qualitative decisions and background information. Applications are
information retrieval, resp. analyses of literature databases and internet
sites, extraction and combining of text information for information purposes,
ranking and networking of science actors and knowledge and
input-output-analyses of scientific institutions. There should be also space
for a critical consideration of indicator quality, reality constraints, and
economy of information.

Two Sessions; Each talk: 20 Min.

Please send your proposal as soon as possible to: ohly _at__ bonn.iz-soz.de

THE DEADLINE for sending abstracts for individual papers to the session
organizers, is Febuary 29, 2004.
A message of acceptation or rejection will be send by the Executive Scientific
Committee before April 15, 2004.
THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING FULL PAPERS to the Executive Scientific Committee
(in pdf format) is June 15, 2004.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Sincères salutations,

H. Peter OHLY
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