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EMIS ElibM: Mathematical Journals


... und noch eine weitergeleitete Mail aus der SLAPAM-Liste.

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It's been quite a while seen I've seen the EMIS Electronic Library
mentioned, so I thought I'd provide a quick pointer to one of the richest
and longest running collections of Open Access journals

Dozens of mirror sites around the world
als/index.html>, to choose from -- and the website will even attempt to help
you determine which mirror is closest to you to ensure optimal response

I've been dipping into this outstanding collection since 1995 or 1996 --
several generations on the Internet time scale.  The European Mathematical
Information Service (EMIS) <http://www.emis.de>, hosted by the European
Mathematical Society, provides a number books and conference proceedings
online, in addition to the wealth of journals.

Catalog 'em, link to 'em, add them to your OpenURL resolvers.  The hard
part, securing the rights for global distribution has been accomplished.
What remains is the librarians' role, collecting, organizing, promoting, and

George S. Porter
Sherman Fairchild Library of Engineering & Applied Science
California Institute of Technology
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Telephone (626) 395-3409 Fax (626) 431-2681

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