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[InetBib] British Council publishes new book

Vielleicht von allgemeinem Interesse:
Neu zur London Book Fair, die morgen beginnt

(aus AMIA-L):
"... , allow me to recommend this free download, which is an excellent read:

Unbounded Freedom

A guide to Creative Commons thinking for cultural organisations

Unbounded Freedom by Rosemary Bechler is a new publication from Counterpoint to be launched in partnership with the London Book Fair on 29 September 2006.

The growing popularity of cultural commons thinking sets new and provocative challenges for traditional copyright law. Changes are occurring in politics, the economy and law, but first and foremost in the domain of culture.

One third of all internet users have now downloaded music, videos and information using P2P file sharing software. New attitudes to the accessibility and ownership of intellectual property have become a force for change that will transform communication in the information age. User-led innovation is reshaping cultural production so that it is trans-national, more egalitarian, less deferential, much more diverse and above all, self-authored.

Creative industries face the challenge of keeping pace with this sharing economy, and any organisation wishing to work with them will need to understand the thinking, ethics and communicative conventions of rising generations.

Written by Rosemary Bechler, this short book argues that we must look at the history of traditional copyright law in order to understand the current debates about ownership and availability. In doing so, it not only elucidates the development of intellectual property law, but also reveals a unique glimpse of existing principles and developing trends. Bechler argues that Creative Commons thinking enables cultural organisations to embark on mutual relationships of trust with huge new publics. Describing the transformative potential of new attitudes, she offers us a vision of the future in which 'unbounded freedom' is not simply a romantic notion.


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