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[InetBib] E-Books: ICDL, John O., runeberg.org ...


hier noch drei Hinweise auf Projekte beyond GBS
Weitere im AKI-wiki auf der Seite E-Books et al.

Gruesse, Karl Dietz


ca. 1500 kinderbücher in ca. 40 sprachen: International Children's Digital Library


John Ockerbloom's - The Online Books Page - Listing over 25,000 free books on the Web - http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu


& das hier ging eben an die AKI-list. sorry also bei ev. doppelung:

Und noch ein feines Digitalisierungsprojekt von Lars, das seit 15
Jahren online ist:
Project Runeberg (runeberg.org) is a volunteer effort to create free
electronic editions of classic Nordic (Scandinavian) literature and
make them openly available over the Internet. It was founded in 1992
and is based at LYSATOR, the students' computer club at Linköping
University in Linköping, Sweden.
What we have is already the Internet's biggest center for Nordic
literature. With the help of volunteers like you, our goal is to
double our collection every year. How can you help us? Learn more
about Project Runeberg, browse our catalog, join our mailing list, try
our discussion forum, send e-mail to the editors@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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