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[InetBib] Call for papers: IFLA RBMS Section, Mailand 2009

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

hiermit moechte ich Ihnen einen Call for papers für die naechstjaehrige 
IFLA-Tagung in Mailand (23.-27. August 2009) zur Kenntnis bringen. 

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Bettina Wagner


Call for Papers IFLA-conference Milan 2009
IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, 
Preservation and Conservation Section, 
Library History Section

Dispersed cultural collections 
Preservation, reconstruction and access

The IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, the Preservation and Conservation 
Section, and the Library History Section jointly invite proposals for 
presentations at the Sections* programme in Milan, 23-27 August 2009.
Following the main theme of the conference "Libraries create futures: Building 
on cultural heritage", papers should focus on dispersed cultural collections 
and their preservation and conservation, reconstruction, and access to them, 
preferably in electronic form.
*       Dispersed cultural collections comprises libraries and other 
collections formerly held by institutions or private collectors which were 
dispersed through political events (wars, dissolution of monasteries) or 
through auctions and duplicate sales, and are today held in various public 
institutions (libraries, archives, museums) or in different sections of such 
institutions. The dispersed materials may be in different formats (manuscripts, 
printed books, archival documents, photographs) and may date from any period. 
Papers about individual collectors and dealers will also be considered
*       Preservation and conservation deals with aspects of the physical 
assessment of an object for the better understanding of its contexts, with 
special regard to provenances. The role of the conservator should be given 
particular consideration, including procedures for preserving and documenting 
features relevant for the history of an item during conservation, such as 
provenance marks and former shelfmarks. 
*       Reconstruction should cover questions of identifying individual items 
which once belonged to such a collection; of investigating the survival of 
historical collections; or of maintaining inventories or archives of 
collections that have been dispersed. Papers should discuss methods of 
reconstruction, i.e. through identification of provenances, through matching of 
historical inventories with surviving items, or through digitization as well as 
methods for the creation of virtual libraries or databases of dispersed 
*       Access refers to the questions concerning the needs of target-groups of 
such projects (from researchers to the general public), the standards applied 
for cataloguing and presentation and problems of overcoming heterogeneous 
standards for diverse materials; technical solutions for their presentation; 
and also raising awareness and funds for such projects.

Papers should place particular emphasis on issues of project management and 
methodology, e.g. policies regarding preservation and digitization; standards 
for cataloguing and recording provenances; cross-institutional cooperation 
(national and international).
Materials presented should be placed in a broader cultural-historical context 
in order to demonstrate their relevance to a wide range of (academic) subjects 
and users, taking up the theme of IFLA president Claudia Lux for 2007-9: 
"Libraries on the Agenda*.
*       Papers can be given in any of the official IFLA languages (English, 
French, German, Russian, Spanish), but abstracts should be submitted in English.
*       Papers should not be longer than 15 pages.
*       The oral presentation of each paper should not exceed 20 minutes.
The proposals must be submitted in an electronic format and must contain:
Title of paper
Summary of paper (250 - 350 words max)
Speaker*s name, institutional affiliation, address, telephone
Important dates:
deadline for submission of abstract 31 December 2008
notification of acceptance March, 2009
deadline for submission of paper: 1 May 2009

All submissions should be sent via email to:

Bettina Wagner, Rare books and Manuscript Section chair, Bayerische 
Per Cullhed, Preservation and Conservation Section chair, Uppsala University 
Hermina G.B. Anghelescu , Library History Section chair, Wayne State 

Please send your proposal to all three addresses.

Please note that the IFLA sections have no funds for financial assistance to 
prospective authors: abstracts should only be submitted on the understanding 
that the expenses of attending the conference (including travel expenses and 
conference fee) and registration and hotel bookings will be the responsibility 
of the presenter(s) of accepted papers. Some national professional associations 
may be able to help fund certain expenses, and a small number of grants for 
conference attendance may be available at: www.ifla.org/III/members/grants.ht 


Dr. Bettina Wagner
Abteilung fuer Handschriften und Alte Drucke
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Ludwigstr. 16
D-80539 Muenchen
email: bettina.wagner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tel. +89 / 28638-2982 
Fax. +89 / 28638-12982 oder 2266
postbox: D-80328 Muenchen

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