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[InetBib] CfP Ethics in the Library Workplace / IFLA FAIFE

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Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

auf der bevorstehenden IFLA-Konferenz im August 2009 in Mailand wird es
eine Sitzung geben zum Thema "Ethics in the Library Workplace".
Veranstaltet wird die Session von FAIFE, dem IFLA-Komittee "Free Access
to Information and Freedom of Expression". Nachfolgend zur Beachtung
finden Sie den Call for Papers. Eine Beteiligung von deutscher Seite
wäre sehr erfreulich.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Hermann Rösch


World Library and Information Congress

MILAN 2009

Open Session

Call for Presentation Proposals


This is a call for presentation proposals for the Committee on Free
Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) program at the
Milan World Library and Information Congress in Milan, August 23-27, 2009.

The ethical dimensions of the day to day practice of librarianship are
not discussed as much as they should be. Yet almost every decision
(acquiring or not acquiring a certain document, giving access to certain
websites or not, providing information and guidance on controversial
topics, and many others) has ethical implications. In this session
IFLA/FAIFE intends to give a platform for discussion of such issues.

Colleagues are invited to contribute short presentations (10-15 minutes
maximum) based on their experience, or experience of which they have
special knowledge. These contributions could consist of:

- Anecdotes and case studies: treatment of customers (equality –
inequality), collection building (neutrality – censorship), subject
indexing (neutrality – ideology), library fees (exclusion – inclusion),
banning of books (censorship – freedom of access to information),
privacy of data, conflicts between librarians and public authorities etc.

- Reports on how a Code of Ethics or an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) was
implemented at a national or institutional level; how discussions and
initiatives on ethical topics were supported or obstructed by
whomsoever; campaigning or lobbying on ethical issues and how supporters
were won and opponents combated

Abstracts are welcome. They should state the author(s) name and
affiliation, email address, and title of the presentation. They should
amount to no more than 100 words and should be sent no later than *28th
February 2008* to:
E-mail: Hermann.Roesch@xxxxxxxxxxx

Decision on acceptance of proposals will be made by *March 15th*.

Papers accepted will be due before *May 15th 2008*. They should be no
more than 2000 words long and concentrate on events and experience
rather than theory. Citations to the literature are not required.
Accepted papers and (in the event of receipt of more suitable proposals
than the time of the session allows) other relevant papers based on good
proposals, will be made available on the IFLA FAIFE Webpages.

Please note that all expenses, including registration for the
conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the
authors of the accepted papers.

Prof. Dr. Hermann Rösch

Institut für Informationswissenschaft
Fachhochschule Köln
Claudiusstr. 1

50678 Köln

Tel.:    0221 - 8275-3378 (d)
Fax:     0221 - 3318583
E-Mail:  Hermann.Roesch@xxxxxxxxxxx
URL:     http://www.fbi.fh-koeln.de/institut/personen/roesch/roesch.php

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