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[InetBib] search engines and privacy.

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Privacy and search is a hot topic. After considerable pressure from
the EU commission, Google reduced the period it stores personal
information in its logs from 18 to 9 months last September.

Metasearch engine Ixquick used to store IP addresses for a mere 48
hours. Now they don’t store IP addresses at all.

Yauba is an brand new yet fully fledged semantic search engine with
their own index and a claim to offer truly anonymous search with three
levels of privacy. It has an uncluttered user interface which is easy
to use yet holds a number of advanced search options.

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Google und ixquick kann ich empfehlen. Beide bieten einiges.
Falls jemand schon eigene Erfahrungen mit yauba haben sollte? gerne an mich.


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