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[InetBib] search engines and privacy. scroogle

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Privacy and search is a hot topic. After considerable pressure from
the EU commission, Google reduced the period it stores personal
information in its logs from 18 to 9 months last September.


Scroogle.org - A service that functions as a search-engine proxy,
taking your queries, passing them to google, and returning the results
to you without ever passing along any identifying information. The
service claims to scrub its own logs after 48 hours.

Metasearch engine Ixquick used to store IP addresses for a mere 48
hours. Now they don’t store IP addresses at all.

Yauba is an brand new yet fully fledged semantic search engine with
their own index and a claim to offer truly anonymous search with three
levels of privacy. It has an uncluttered user interface which is easy
to use yet holds a number of advanced search options.

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Google und ixquick kann ich empfehlen. Beide bieten einiges.


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