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[InetBib] CFP2009: Google Book Settlement heute abend

Bei der CFP2009 wird es heute abend live auch einen Beitrag zum Google
Books Settlement geben, und zwar zwischen 14.00 und 15.15 Uhr
Washington, DC,-Zeit (ab 20 Uhr MESZ):


The Google Book Deal

A lawsuit over Google's online book scanning program has led to a
proposed settlement with authors and book publishers, but that deal has
been challenged by critics on a variety of grounds and created a great
deal of controversy.

Alex Macgillivray, Google
James Grimmelman, Institute for Information Law and Policy, New York Law
John Verdi, Staff Counsel, Electronic Privacy Information Center
Jonathan Band, lawyer, Jonathan Band, PLLC
Moderator/panelist: Sherwin Siy, Public Knowledge


Jürgen Fenn.

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.