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[InetBib] Neue ALPSP-Studie zum Online-Publizieren im wiss. Buchmarkt in Vorbereitung

Vielleicht von Interesse.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen, B.-C. Kämper, UB Stuttgart

New ALPSP survey on book publishing

Scholarly Book Publishing Practice
Academic book publishers' policies and practices in online publishing

An ALPSP survey being conducted by Laura Cox (Frontline Global Marketing 
Services) and John Cox (John Cox Associates)

ALPSP has previously conducted three surveys of scholarly journal 
publishing practice, in 2003, 2005 and 2008, which were published as 
industry reports under the title Scholarly Publishing Practice.  These 
surveys provided a great deal of information on the ways in which 
journal publishers have responded to the challenges of online publishing 
and to the expectations of authors, readers and libraries at a time when 
publishers are under scrutiny. We are now undertaking a similar survey 
of book and eBook publishers to ascertain the policies and practices of 
publishers in this emerging and complex market.

The data that is collected will be analysed and a report published by 
ALPSP later in 2009, with initial results available at the ALPSP Annual 
Conference in September.  Using hard data, it will enable ALPSP and, 
indeed, the whole publishing industry to represent accurately what 
policies publishers are adopting in the complex book and eBook arena.


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