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[InetBib] Invitation: Digital Preservation – The Planets Way: 17-19 November 2009 Swiss Federal Archives, Bern, Switzerland

Digital Preservation – The Planets Way: 17-19 November 2009Swiss Federal 
Archives, Bern, Switzerland***Apologies for cross-postings***Does your 
organisation know what to preserve digitally for the future? Do you know how to 
preserve your collections for the future? Have you decided which tools and 
services to use for this? Do you want to discuss your strategies for digital 
preservation with colleagues and experts?There has been an explosion in the 
volume of information world-wide which will grow to 1800 exabytes by 2011. But 
if action is not taken, that information can be lost within five to ten years 
due to hardware and software obsolescence.Digital Preservation – The Planets 
Way is an opportunity to understand what may be done to manage digital content 
for the long-term. The Planets project invites you to take part in the 
three-day training event which will be presented by members of the Planets 
project and established experts in the field of digital preservation. The event 
will take place on 17-19 Novemberat theSwiss Federal Archives in Bern, 
Switzerland, providing an opportunity to visit the beautifully located capital 
of Switzerland with itsfamous old town, a UNESCO world cultural heritage 
site.The event has been subsidised to enable attendance. For the cost of 95 EUR 
to attend day one and 199 EUR to attend all three days, the event will help you 
to make a start with, or advance, digital preservation activities in your 
organisation.Planets delivers a sustainable framework to enable archives, 
libraries and other large content holders to approach digital preservation 
confidently and effectively. The Planets framework and tools, which range from 
preservation planning to preservation action and the use of a testbed 
environment, will be presented in full for the first time. The event will give 
you an insight into the activities involved in preserving digital content and 
an opportunity to work with Planets tools, with the help of their designers, 
programmers and developers.Day 1 will give you, as a decision-maker or 
preservation staff, an understanding of the case for digital preservation, the 
benefits versus the costs, the activities involved and how preservation with 
Planets may fit into your management activities. Days 2 and 3 provide an 
opportunity to meet and learn from the experts, creators and developers of 
Planets. Using a sample collection, you can gain hands-on experience of Planets 
tools and services. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, 
network with peers and to take home tools and exercises.See the full programme 
at http://www.planets-project.eu/events/bern-2009/programme/Participation is 
limited to 60 delegates on Day 1 and 40 delegates on Days 2 and 3. Please 
register early at http://www.planets-project.eu/events/bern-2009/.Due to 
parliamentary sessions, hotel rooms in Bern are in high demand at this time of 
year. You are strongly advised to reserve your room when registering for the 
event and no later than October 2 
 you have any questions about the event, please send an email to 
trainingevents@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We look forward to seeing you in Bern!You 
can unsubscribe to e-mails from the Planets User Community by sending an e-mail 
with subject "Unsubscribe" to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   .

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