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[InetBib] FYI: BBC Radio 4 feature on Intellectual Property & BritLib Sound Conservation Centre pod update

Verehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

das erste Programm ist dauerhaft zu hören@


"Clive Anderson and some of the country's top lawyers and judges
discuss legal issues of the day.

The second programme in the series looks at the law and intellectual
property. Humans are an extraordinarily creative species, but can't
always agree about the legal rights relating to that creativity.

This programme looks at how our courts attempt to resolve disputes
over trademarks, inventions, music and literature; in fact over
everything from life-saving drugs to sweater designs. Do our
copyright, patent and other laws create the right balance between the
protection of entrepreneurship and the potential benefit to the public
of less regulated distribution of our creative output?"

Clive Anderson ist selber Jurist.


Sean Streets Walls of Sound ist inzwischen doch zum Podcast geworden,
noch bis nächsten Freitag herunterzuladen @


 - leider in 64 kbit/ mono, aber vielleicht ist das nicht so arg, die
historischen Aufnahmen werden ja auch mono sein.

Nochmal die BBC-Ankündigung:

Walls of Sound 26 March 2011

Duration: 36 mins

The British Library has invested millions in its Sound Conservation
Centre and appointed its first ever Curator of Radio. Audio is being
accorded the conservation effort usually devoted manuscripts and old
masters. All this, the radio historian Sean Street argues in this
programme, reflects a fundamental change in attitude to sound itself.
n a massive undertaking our sound archives are being saved, restored,
digitised, catalogued and opened to all. Street observes all this and
talks to curators, technicians and users. Throughout we hear amazing
recordings from the libraries walls of sound that, until this change
in thinking about sound, few knew about, and fewer could listen to. We
listen as these recordings find their rightful place in the
documentary heritage of the nation.


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.