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[InetBib] Fwd: Special Library project for graduate student in Kyoto

Sehr geehrte Listenmitglieder,

ich erlaube mir, Ihnen eine Nachricht von Prof. Michael Pye
weiterzuleiten, der Mitarbeiter für die Digitalisierung eines
Bibliothekskatalogs im japanischen Kyoto sucht.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Christian Göhlert

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From: Michael Pye <pye@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 9 May 2011 09:40
Subject: [Ygg] Special Library project for graduate student in Kyoto
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Dear Colleagues,

Permit me to draw attention to a project which could be of interest to
a post-graduate student of Japan-related librarianship, in Kyoto.

The NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions in Kyoto has a
library of a few thousand books and journals which are currently
catalogued on cards and urgently need to be digitised. The
digitisation process should also include a critical assessment and
partial reform of the catalogue. We currently have some "volunteer"
assistance in the library, but this task is beyond present capacities.

The library has been built up over the last fifty years and contains
standard works of Japanological interest, reference works of various
kinds, a wide variey of works on religions in Japan, works on Buddhism
and Christianity and some other areas of religious thought (Indian,
Chinese), and a good collection of works on Japanese religions
including materials on and from new religions which are now not easily
found (because the religious bodies prefer to hand out more recent,
corrected ones). Many of the books are in Japanese, and various other
languages occur as well as English.

This is therefore a "special library"; its digital cataloguing would
be a most instructive exercise in "special librarianship". Since the
card catalogues
have been most carefully done and in most cases follow categories used
at Doshisha University, it is thought that progress could be
considerably quicker than in the early days of digitisation. The work
would require the ability to work more or less independently, but it
would be carried out under my general direction. I am currently the
"academic director" of this center, and (with the trustees) handling
its genral business.

Unfortunately I have to say that this a non-financed opening, because
the institution simply has no money for it. So the costs would have to
be found from a funding body in the sending country.

Do any colleagues have an interest in recommending this to a promising
young academic librarian? Some idea of where to apply for funding
would be part of it. Of course, on reaching agreement, I would support
an application for funding from the Kyoto end of things.

Michael Pye
Academic Director (managing), NCC Center for the Study of Japanese
Religions, Kyoto.

Michael Pye
Professor of the Study of Religions
University of Marburg, Germany (retired)
Research Associate (International Buddhist Studies), Shin Buddhist
Comprehensive Research Institute, Otani University, Kyoto, Japan

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