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[InetBib] ISIC2012 - Information Behaviour Conference in Tokyo, September 4-7

*ISIC2012:* The Information Behaviour Conference

Will take place in Tokyo, Keio University, Mita Campus on 5-7 September,

*After receiving several requests for the extension of the deadline for the
papers the final date to submit them is January 24, 2012*. The papers
accepted for full-presentation will be considered for publication in
Information Research (http://informationr.net/ir/author2.html).

Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 10, 2012. Please, submit
your paper through the ISIC2012 paper submission site
Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 10, 2012. Please,
submit your paper through the ISIC2012 paper submission site at *
You can find the detailed list of the Conference topics and the details of
paper submission on the ISIC 2012 site
http://www.slis.keio.ac.jp/isic2012/cfp.html. The deadline for doctoral
workshop submission is 5th of March, 2012.

In addition ISIC 2012 includes *Workshop on Teaching Information Behaviour (
*2-5 pm, 7 September 2012) organized by Karen E. Fisher, University of
Washington; Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri. Everyone registered  for
the ISIC 2012 Conference is invited to participate in the Workshop on
Teaching Information Behaviour for the additional fee of 3,000 yen. For
interested workshop participants, the following peer reviewed option is
offered in which you discuss a teaching exemplum from your own portfolio:
By March 23rd 2012, submit a 500-1000 word write-up of a teaching exemplum
from your own portfolio. Authors who submit teaching exemplars will be
notified of acceptance by April 30th 2012 with final versions due May 18th,
2012. To learn more about the workshop, please contact Karen E. Fisher (
fisher@xxxxxx) or Sanda Erdelez (erdelezs@xxxxxxxxxxxx).

The *key-note speakers for ISIC2012* are:

Ann Blandford <http://www.ucl.ac.uk/uclic/people/a_blandford> is Professor
of Human-Computer Interaction at UCL. She leads research on how people
interact with and make sense of information, and how technology can better
support people's information needs. She has over 200 international,
peer-reviewed publications, including a Synthesis Lecture on "Interacting
with Information".

Makiko Miwa <http://www.code.ouj.ac.jp/researcher/detail/6> is Professor of
the Center of ICT and Distance Education of the Open University of Japan.
She is a member of the Cognitive Research for Exploratory Search
 project, a collaborative research project to investigate user's behavior
and cognitive processes during various information seeking tasks on the
web, and is interested in how people learn during web search processes in
order to reflect it on the interface design and the evaluation of IR

*ISIC: the Information Behaviour Conference* intends to reflect
character of the area through attracting papers from researchers in all of
these areas. The unifying characteristic, which we see as essential in
developing a programme is the relationship between the needs or
requirements of the information user, the means for the satisfaction of
those needs and the uses to which those means are put in practice
organizations or disciplines. Thus, papers that deal solely with
technological aspects of system design, for example, will not be
appropriate for the conference.

Prof. Elena Maceviciute


ISIC Permanent Committee
Swedish School of Library and Information Science

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