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[InetBib] [OT] Guest lecturer position in Information Science (Hamburg, Germany)

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

vielleicht kennt jemand von Ihnen Interessenten für diese Position - es wäre 
nett, wenn Sie unser Angebot weiterreichen könnten.

Vielen Dank & Grüße
Dirk Lewandowski

Dear colleagues,
the Department of Information at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 
(Germany) is hoping to promote the internationalisation of its study 
programmes. We are therefore looking for a guest lecturer from abroad in the 
field of Information Science.  The interested person must have a PhD, s/he must 
be member of a university abroad and have teaching experiences at university 

We plan for the prospective colleague to stay for at least 1 year and desirably 
up to 2 years. S/he is expected to teach 2-3 modules in our International 
Programme “Digital Information Services” which is taught in English. Each 
module involves a class contact of 4 hours, i.e. the teaching load will be 
about 10 hours a week.  Terms at our university roughly last from the middle of 
March until the middle of July and again from the end of September until the 
beginning of February.

We would be happy to find a colleague who takes an interest in our research 
focus “Knowledge Access und Accessibility” and who is committed to the 
internationalisation of study programmes and student life.

The salary of the guest lecturer would amount to about 53.000 € /year or more – 
depending on his or her status at the home university - plus required social 
security contribution.

Your and our schedule:

·       March 15th 2012: Deadline for your letter of interest (via email)

·       July 15th 2012: given that interested parties are found we will send a 
proposal for funding to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) who runs a 
programme for the promotion of foreign guest lecturers.

·       February 2013: Move to Hamburg

·       March 11th 2013: Start of summer semester


Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

With about 14.000 students HAW is one Germany’s largest universities of applied 
sciences . The Department of Information is part of the Faculty of Design, 
Media & Information.  Other faculties are Engineeering & Computer Science, Life 
Sciences and Business & Social Sciences. Our department  offers 2 bachelor 
programmes and one master programme, namely Library and Information Management, 
Media and Information and Information Science and Management.


Hamburg is Germany‘s second largest city with a population of more than 1.7 
million – a traditional trading town with Germany‘s biggest harbour and 
Germany‘s most important town of media. Hamburg is renowned for its parks, 
waterfronts and  its international flair.

For further information please refer to:

www.haw-hamburg.de/english/hamburg.html (about Hamburg)

www.haw-hamburg.de/english.html (about HAW)

 (about the Department of Information)

 (about our International Programme)


As an interested party please contact:

Prof. Ursula Schulz: ursula.schulz[at]haw-hamburg[dot]de or

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Spree: ulrike.spree[at]haw-hamburg[dot]de


Prof. Dr. Dirk Lewandowski
Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg 
(Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)

Fakultät Design Medien Information
Department of Information
Finkenau 35
D - 22081 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 40-42875 3621
Fax: + 49 (0) 3222-1445 301

Associate Editor - Europe, Online Information Review

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