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[InetBib] OpenAIRE - Release of "Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure"

** Apologies for cross-posting **

OpenAIRE has recently released its "Studies on Subject-Specific 
Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure".
Designed as a comparative study covering five disciplines (Health, 
Climate, Agriculture, ICT, e-infrastructures) it provides in-depth 
insight into researchers' behaviour and current practices. With a focus 
on research workflows, literature and data management the case studies 
address key questions on how subject-specific needs can be represented 
in an Open Access infrastructure. Moreover, each case study provides a 
vision and principles for future information services to further exploit 
OA principles from a disciplinary perspective as well as advices to 
future directions for funding agencies.

The study is available both as an ebook and in individual chapters, 
consisting of an introduction, six subject-specific case studies from 
highly qualified subject specialists and a comparative conclusion.

C. Meier zu Verl, & W. Horstmann (Eds.). 2011. Studies on 
Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure. Bielefeld: 
Overview: http://bit.ly/openaire_studies
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2390/PUB-2011-1
ISBN: 978-3-943363-00-5

About OpenAIRE
OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) is a 3-year 
European Commission (EC) funded initiative that supports the 
implementation of the EC's Open Access Pilot and the European Research 
Council's Guidelines for Open Access. Together with the recently 
launched OpenAIREplus project both initiatives work towards the goal to 
develop an Open Access participatory infrastructure for scientific 
Further information: www.openaire.eu

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