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[InetBib] 8th OAI Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI8)

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

gerne möchte ich Sie auf den "8th OAI Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly 
Communication (OAI8)" aufmerksam machen. 

Diese E-Mail geht an mehrere Listen. Mehrfachempfang bitte ich zu 

OAI8 at the University of Geneva. 19-21 June 2013

2013 sees the 8th OAI Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication at the 
University of Geneva and at CERN. These Workshops are major international 
gatherings where those interested in Scholarly Communication developments can 
meet, discuss and network. OAI8 will be taking place in the context of the EU’s 
launch of its €80 billion Horizon 2020 programme, which has Open Access as a 
key deliverable of the outputs from its funded research programs. New areas to 
be discussed at OAI8 will be Alternative Metrics and a special focus on 
Scholarly Communication developments in the Arts and Humanities. An 
introductory video, announcing the Conference, can be seen here:


Please reserve 19-21 June 2013 in your diaries. On behalf of the Programme 
Committee, we look forward to seeing you in Geneva.

Paul Ayris
Chair OAI8 Organising Committee

Viele Grüße 

Heinz Pampel


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.