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[InetBib] Call for Papers "Touring Consumption" conference 2013, Karlsruhe

Dear colleagues,

In the past years, we have held a range of intense and dynamic conferences at 
Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, Germany: Narrative & 
Innovation 2010, 
Branded Spaces 2011, (re)Thinking Diversity 2012.
In 2013, we have designed, in a similar vein, Touring Consumption 2013 which 
will take place 
24th to 25th October 2013. The conference will cover topics in the area of 
travel, tourism, 
mobility and consumption.

With this e-mail, we would like to invite you to send us your exciting ideas, 
thoughts and 
interpretations of touring consumption and present at our conference, share 
your opinions 
and establish ties with international experts.
Please find below an overview of our conference framework and contact details.

We are looking forward to your participation in our Call for Papers and wish 
you all the best 
in the meantime.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg, Prof. Dr. Desmond Wee and Your TC2013 Team at 
Karlshochschule International University

+++ Touring Consumption 2013 - Call For Papers +++

Touring in terms of travel, tourism or varying aspects of mobilities contribute 
substantially to particular conventions and rituals of consumer practices, 
with an eye towards the enactment of scripts. However, touring consumption 
delineates a kind of performance that is not only reproduced, but is productive 
emergent in its own right. Hence, the more traditional conceptions of tourist, 
vagabond, refugee, expatriate, international student or business traveler are 
becoming more and more diffused with notions of what are considered local, 
or insider, and need to be re-examined in the light of a differentiated, 
complex and 
individualized everyday perspective. On the other hand, it is as important to 
consider a touristification of society in which touring as an everyday metaphor 
can be used to encapsulate new forms of mobilities as societal, economic, 
consumptive or 
scientific phenomena.

During the conference, we wish to engage 'Touring Consumption' through 
interdisciplinary and cross-methodological approaches that collapse the poles 
materialities and discourses, exteriority and interiority, body and mind, 
and meaning, presence and representation, ethics and aesthetics, and form and 

        Call for Papers
        We invite academics with interdisciplinary backgrounds and 
practitioners open minded 
        to critical approaches to participate in this conference.  Speculative, 
        borderline and practical contributions are welcome.
        To participate in the conference, please submit an abstract of 300 to 
500 words to: 
        Submission deadline:     Friday 15th February, 2013
        We intend to publish the highest quality papers as either part of a 
Special Edition of the 
        Journal of Consumer Culture to be published in 2015 
(http://joc.sagepub.com) or in our 
        book series "Management - Culture - Interpretation".
        If you wish to be considered in one of the publications, please submit 
an extended 
        abstract of a maximum of 1200 words to:
        Submission deadline:     Friday 15th February, 2013

General Information
The conference will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, 
Thursday 24th to Friday 25th October, 2013.

Conference Organizer
The conference is organized by Karlshochschule International University.

Conference Language
The conference language is English.

For further information, please check our conference website or contact the 
conference co-chairs:

Website:        www.tc2013.org

General mail:   tc2013@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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