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[InetBib] How do you perceive Tweets?

Participate in our study and find out if you are a lemming or a lonesome
Our experiment is about Twitter. By participating in our experiment,
you will find out how you perceive the content of tweets. Do you have
a special view on them (= lonesome wolf) or do you perceive them like
everyone else (= lemming). At the same time, you will help our
research about Twitter.
Your effort: ~12 minutes.

- Play the game and find out how you perceive the contents of tweets!!

- Help at better understanding Twitter!!

... try it out at

Please note: No personal or sensitive data is collected in this
experiment! We are serious researchers and serious about our
experiments. We do no spam!
Have fun playing our game and learn about your social media behavior!


WWW: http://www.ansgarscherp.net/about/

- Mark Musen at #iswc2012 keynote: "Reusable patterns [in knowledge bases] are 
a good idea"



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