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[InetBib] 1st International Workshop on Archiving Community Memories (ARCOMEM 2013)

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Call for Papers
1st International Workshop on Archiving Community Memories (ARCOMEM2013)
in conjunction with the 10th International Conference on
Preservation of Digital Objects

6 September 2013, Lisbon, Portugal



Given the ever increasing importance of the World Wide Web as a source of information, adequate Web archiving and preservation has become a cultural necessity in preserving knowledge. This is especially the case for non-traditional digital publications, e.g., blogs, micro-blogs, social networks. The challenge with new forms of publications is that there can be a lack of alignment between what institutions see as worth preserving, what the owners see as of current value, and the incentive to preserve together with the rapidness at which decisions have to be made. For ephemeral publications such as the Web, this misalignment often results in irreparable loss. Given the deluge of digital information created and this situation of uncertainty, a first necessary step is to be able to respond quickly, even if in a preliminary fashion, by the timely creation of archives, with minimum overhead enabling more costly preservation actions further down the line.

In addition to the "common" challenges of digital preservation, such as media decay, technological obsolescence, authenticity and integrity issues, web preservation has to deal with the sheer size and ever-increasing growth and change rate of Web data. Hence, selection of content sources becomes a crucial and challenging task for archival organizations. Instead of following a "collect-all" strategy, archival organizations are trying to build community memories that reflect the diversity of information people are interested in.

Beside the creation of Web archives, their usage in applications plays an increasingly important role. Allowing the easy access to information based on different facets and across time is just one aspect. The possibility to look into the past, to understand how things are evolving opens the space for new application scenarios and analysis approaches.

It is the aim of the workshop to bring together researchers and practitioners involved in the ARCOMEM system development (http://www.arcomem.eu/) with users and developers of Web archive community and other application areas interested in archiving and preserving Web and Social Web content. Target audience are Web archivists, journalists, broadcasters, parliament archives, political parties archives, social science researchers, HCI researcher and designer etc. The workshop should stimulate the exchange of experiences made and best practices among the participants and help to identify upcoming challenges in Web archiving and the application of Web archives.


In line with the above, contributions to the workshop should focus on, but are not limited to:
* Web and Social Web Harvesting
* Focused & Topical Crawling
* Deep Web Capture
* Social Web Analysis
* Information Extraction
* Video and Image Analysis
* Appraisal and selection of content
* Applications & Use Cases
* Semantic Web Technologies
* Temporal Analytics
* Semi/full-automatic storytelling based on semantic services
* Legal issues
* Visualization of Heterogeneous Social Media Content
* Interactive Techniques for Semantic and Sentiment Analysis
* Interactive Techniques for Exploring Big Data over Time (Timeline)


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers related to the aforementioned topics. We invite:

* short papers (2 to 6 pages)

All submissions are required to be in PDF format. Paper submissions must be formatted according to Springer’s LNCS format (www.springer.com/computer/lncs).

Detailed submission instructions will be published on the workshop webpage.

Selected papers will be invited to submit a full paper to a special issue of the Future Internet Journal (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/futureinternet/special_issues/community-memories).


* Deadline for submissions: July 15th, 2013
* Acceptance Notification: August 7th, 2013
* Camera-ready papers: August 21st, 2013
* Workshop: September 6th, 2013


Organizing Committee
* Thomas Risse, L3S Research Center, Germany
* Cosmin Cabulea, Deutsche Welle, Germany
* Dominik Frey , Südwestrundfunk, Germany
* Wim Peters, University of Sheffield, Germany

Programm Committee
* Bogdan Cautis, Telecom ParisTech, France
* Robert Fischer, Südwestrundfunk, Germany
* Jonathon Hare, Uni Southampton, UK
* Dimitris Koryzis, Hellenic Parliament, Greece
* France Lasfargues, Internet Memory Foundation, France
* Amin Mantrach, Yahoo! Research Barcelona, Spain
* Diana Maynard, Uni Sheffield, UK
* Pierre Senellart, Telecom ParisTech, France
* Yannis Stavrakas, Institute for the Management of Information Systems, Greece


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