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[InetBib] Press Release:  Knowledge Unlatched: Scaling Up In 2016

Good afternoon,

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is pleased to announce that it is expanding and
scaling up. There will be several announcements over the next few months
about KU¹s greatly expanded new collections.

As KU scales up it will experiment with more choices ­ more curated thematic
and topical packages, new subjects and more diverse content. KU is looking
now at opening up access to journals as well as to backlist books. It will
offer more purchasing models (including more consortia models). KU will
continue to focus on its prime goal ­sustainable and affordable Open Access
for scholarly publications.

The full press release can be read here:

Best regards,

Christina Emery

Partnership Manager | Knowledge Unlatched


Winner: IFLA/Brill Award for Open Access 2014
Winner: Curtin University Award for Best Innovation in Education 2015

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