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[InetBib] Umfrage aus den Niederlande nach Erfahrungen Beurteilung RDM Anfragen

Liebe List-Leser und Leserinnen,

Apologies for posting this message in English:

DMP reviewer experiences wanted!

The following questionnaire was issued in the context of the Dutch working
group “Research Support and Advice” of the National Coordination Point
Research Data Management (LCRDM). We aim to provide future DMP writers with
dos and don’ts, and get a rough idea of the effort of reviewing. We seek
answers both from “official” reviewers (for instance, Horizon2020 staff
reviewing DMPs that were submitted to Horizon2020 or any national Funding
bodies in your country) and from “previewers” such as Research Support
staff who help project leaders to write a DMP

Please fill in our Questionnaire:


For the sake of this questionnaire we distinguish various roles:
1. Research funders and research organisations that oblige researchers to
submit a DMP for a given project. We call them “DMP template initiators”,
because often these bodies will demand or encourage that a DMP follows a
specific template.
2. With the term “official reviewers” we refer to those people who have the
official task to review the DMPs submitted to the research funders and
research organisations under 1.
3. Research support staff in many organisations provide support to
researchers when the latter have to write a DMP. Increasingly, support
staff informally reviews a draft DMP. In this questionnaire we call the
people who do this “previewers”.
4. Researchers, principal investigators, project coordinators and others
who write and submit a DMP are called “DMP submitters” in this

We seek answers from two groups of people: from the official reviewers (no.
2) and from the previewers (no. 3). If you belong to both groups, please
check the appropriate box and use the open text fields for extra
information when your experience in these roles varies. Some of the
questions are about the other groups of people.

Your input is much appreciated!

With kind regards,
Ingeborg Verheul
National Coördination Point Research Data Management - Netherlands

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