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[InetBib] What do publishers want librarians to know?

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

folgendes kleine Forschungsprojekt für ein besseres Verständnis zwischen
Verlagen und Bibliotheken ist sicherlich auch für Sie von Interesse:

Date:    Wed, 24 Apr 2019 16:18:40 +0200
From:    Bernie Folan <bmfolan@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Data now available  - What do publishers want librarians to know?

Please find below a link to the full anonymised dataset of messages from
publishers to librarians. This research project informed a popular UKSG 2019
conference breakout: What do publishers want librarians to know? 



I carried out a similar project (collecting messages from librarians to
publishers) a couple of years ago and that data can be found here
http://bit.ly/uksg-messages-to-publishers as well as summarised in this
Insights article http://doi.org/10.1629/uksg.390


Please share within your organisation and encourage relevant departments and
senior management to read the messages so they can ensure they hear what
their partners and customers are saying, in a low-effort way.


Results of all research are made available openly and completely anonymously
with no mention of organisations or names. The objective of these research
projects has been to increase understanding and improve communication within
the scholarly communication environment, without any commercial objective. 

Bernie Folan


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