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[InetBib] Webinar der LIBER Copyright Working Group zur neuen EU-Urheberrechts-Richtline

Liebe Mitlesende,

unten ein Hinweis der LIBER Copyright Working Group. Es wird vor allem 
natürlich um die Bibliotheksbezogenen Aspekte gehen.
Beste Grüße

Armin Talke



Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

Dear colleagues.
On 4 June at 1300 CEST, we will hold a webinar to explain the Copyright 
Directive to LIBER libraries, and to try to get them engaged in its 
implementation. Ben White, Armin Talke and Jonas Holm will speak. The form to 
register is here:
Can I ask you all to share this with your networks, mailing lists, social media 
followers etc?
With thanks!
***Full Description***
What does Europe's new Copyright Directive mean for your library?
In this webinar, LIBER's Copyright & Legal Matters working group will go over 
the key points of the Directive, expanding on the points in this blog post.
We will also look at the implementation of the Copyright Directive on a 
national level. This is critical because all European Directives set high-level 
goals, and allow much flexibility and leeway in exactly how those aims are 
Depending on what your national government decides, new activities and services 
for your library could be opened up or a situation could be created where the 
costs, overheads or rules associated with implementation mean that, in effect, 
the new copyright laws cannot be enjoyed at all.
LIBER is willing to support its libraries in helping with national 
implementation, to ensure that our sector gets the best result possible. In 
this webinar, we will discuss how you can engage proactively in implementation.
Our speakers will be Ben White (British Library), Armin Talke (Legal Advisor, 
Berlin State Library) and Jonas Holm  (Senior Associate, MarLaw AB Law Firm). 
The webinar will be hosted by Giannis Tsakonas (LIBER Executive Board member; 
Acting Director in the Library & Information Center, University of Patras).

viele Grüße

Armin Talke

Armin Talke, LL.M.
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