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[InetBib] Nächstes IFLA-ARL Webinar zu Library Publishing

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

am 1. August findet das nächste IFLA Webinar statt. Thema:

Academic Libraries Engaging in Publishing: A Burgeoning Service Model in the 
Open Access Sphere

Weitere Informationen zur Zeit und Anmeldung:

Academic and Research Libraries Standing Committee/ International Federation of 
Library Associations and Institutions

Webinar series

The ARL Standing Committee of IFLA will be hosting a series to engage in 
discourse on issues relating to academic and research libraries. Please join 
us!!  Our next session is:

Academic Libraries Engaging in Publishing: A Burgeoning Service Model in the 
Open Access Sphere
August 1, 2019
at 09h00 Eastern U.S. time

Abstract of presentation
With Plan S making headlines in the scholarly communications sphere for the 
past several months, it seems that the move to open access in scholarly 
publishing is an ever-present topic of discussion among librarians, publishers, 
funders, and other stakeholders. What may have been lost in many of these 
discussions, however, is the fact that numerous academic libraries have been 
engaged in publishing open access journals, books, and other materials for a 
number of years. Join our presenters as they provide an introduction to library 
publishing, including an overview of practices and Library Publishing Coalition 
resources as well as discussions about library publishing programs working with 
university presses, types of publishing libraries engage in, and skills needed 
to be successful in library publishing.


Jody Bailey
Is the Head of the Scholarly Communications Office at Emory University 
Libraries, where she leads a team of librarians and library specialists who are 
responsible for services surrounding copyright, open access and publishing, 
research data management, and open educational resources. The team also manages 
two scholarly repositories that publish works by Emory faculty and students. 
Jody is a member of the Board of Directors for the Library Publishing 
Coalition, and her scholarly interests include open-access publishing, open 
educational resources, user-centered library services, and outreach activities. 
She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented at numerous 
Ted Polley
Is the Social Sciences & Digital Publishing Librarian at IUPUI University 
Library, where he manages the Library's digital publishing service. Currently, 
the Library hosts and provides support to 21 scholarly peer-reviewed journals, 
with plans to expand into open monograph publishing soon. Ted's research 
interests include open access, library publishing, open data, and data 
visualization. He is active in the library publishing community and currently 
sits on the Board of the Library Publishing Coalition.

This webinar is free and open to the public. Please share this invitation 
Please click this link to register for the webinar:
Series organiser: Dr Reggie Raju reggie.raju@xxxxxxxxx
Chair of ARL: Ms Mimi Calter mcalter@xxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:mcalter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Mit vielen Grüßen

Ursula Arning

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