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[InetBib] 2021 IIIF Conference - Call for proposals (reminder)

Dear colleagues

The call for proposals for the 2021 IIIF Annual Conference will close this 
Friday, April 2. If you are planning to submit a proposal, you can do so here: 

Please reach out to us at events@xxxxxxx<mailto:events@xxxxxxx> with any 
questions. We look forward to reading your proposals!

On behalf of the 2021 Program Committee,


Julien A. Raemy · Assistant and PhD Candidate in Digital Humanities · 

University of Basel · Digital Humanities Lab<https://dhlab.philhist.unibas.ch/> 
· Bernoullistrasse 32 · CH-4056 Basel · Switzerland

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.