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[InetBib] Webinar "Analysing publications and funding with the Europe PMC REST API", 24.11.2021 16.30-17.30

Liebe Liste,


Ich möchte Sie und Euch auf ein englischsprachiges Webinar der Europe PMC
Kolleg*innen aufmerksam machen. Das Webinar "
rope-pmc-rest-api/> Analysing publications and funding with the Europe PMC
REST API" findet am 24.11.2021 von 16.30-17.30 statt. Die Registrierung ist
hier möglich:


Europe PMC is a database of life science publications and preprints.
Articles in Europe PMC are enriched with additional resources, such as
author, funding and affiliation information, citations and links to data,
peer reviews and more. 

In this webinar, we will explain how to programmatically access publications
and related information using the Europe PMC Articles RESTful API. Michael
Parkin, Data Scientist at Europe PMC, will demonstrate how to access the API
using the browser and provide some scripting examples in Python/R. He will
outline different API methods, rules for filtering and pagination, as well
as output formats. Following on, Antonio Campello, Senior Data Scientist at
the Wellcome Trust, will explain how Wellcome uses Europe PMC APIs to gain
insights into the outputs of the research they fund. He will discuss several
use cases, including charting Wellcome?s research portfolio, developing
novel technologies to link grants to academic publications, and tracking
which grants have been influential to the COVID-19 literature.

Viele Grüße

Bastian Drees




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