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Fuer alle, denen an ein wenig geschichtlichem Hintergrund zu unserer neuen
Arbeitsumgebung gelegen ist ...


A new e-mail discussion list known as "Community Memory --
Discussion List on the History of Cyberspace" is in operation.
Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility sponsors the list,
which is moderated. 

The list wishes to explore "the origins, history and development of
computer networks, computer hardware, software, and computer
science, and the environment collectively known as  cyberspace'."
Specifically, the list seeks to place cyberspace in a broader
historical context to "help us make reasoned decisions in the
present and future" regarding issues such as "privacy concerns,
equality of access to computing, hacking, computer literacy,
intellectual property rights, funding long-term R&D."  To subscribe, 
e-mail <listserv _at__ cpsr.org> with subscribe cpsr-history <your first 
name> <your last name> as the message body. 
CM archives: <http://www.reach.com/matrix/community-memory.html>
CPSR <http://www.cpsr.org/home.html>

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