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Zugang zum Netz

Hallo INETBIB und FORUMOEB (wo vor kurzem zu diesem Thema diskutiert wurde),

passend zur Meldung, die Herr Korwitz am Samstag in INETBIB eingespielt hat,
wurde heute die nachfolgend zitierte Meldung im Newsletter "Culture in
Cyberspace" verbreitet.
Achim Oßwald

>Public access to the Internet is one of the major issues at the
>American Library Association's annual conference this week in
>New York.  The conference theme is "Equity on the Information
>Superhighway," and there are a number of individual sessions that
>discuss how to bring net access to a wide community of users.
>Illustrating the currency of this matter, The New York Times ran a
>lengthy article on the conference.  The outgoing ALA president,
>Betty Turock, is quoted as calling for the library to remain "as the
>central institution of a free society, to insure that the public has 
>the same free and open access to electronic information as they have
>to print information."  She also calls telecommunications "the
>chasm between the information-rich and the information-poor." 
>Rich and poor here also refers to financial resources.  For people
>without access to a computer at home or work, libraries are the
>most viable points of access.  But the costs of equipment and
>telecommunication services are beyond the budget of many small
>"What if you can't get on line?" Turock asked. "You're locked out!
>More and more, information about jobs and health care is available
>on the Internet. Electronic information is usually more up to date. It
>can take a year to get a book on the shelf. My big worry is that only
>people who can afford it will have access to this information. And
>freedom of information has been a fundamental right since
>Jefferson and Madison." 
>ALA: <http://www.ala.org/alaevents/annual96/ny_home.html>
>NYT: <http://www.nytimes.com/library/cyber/week/0706libraries.html>

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