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Nationaal Archief/ECPA launch new preservation gateway

With apologies for cross-posting.

Nationaal Archief/ECPA launch new preservation gateway

The Nationaal Archief and the European Commission on Preservation and
Access (ECPA) have officially launched GRIP, Gateway for Resources and
Information on Preservation. GRIP is an Internet gateway, presenting a core
of accessible and recent materials selected by experts which provides an
introduction to a great many aspects of preservation. Resources selected
for inclusion in GRIP aim to be of interest to a wide audience, including
preservation professionals, collection managers, policy makers, librarians,
archivists, museum curators, audiovisual specialists and information

Currently the GRIP database contains 2248 references to literature,
organizations, projects, training activities and discussion lists. It can
be searched by category, keywords (descriptors), keyword combinations and
free search. Since all references are connected to a thesaurus system,
users can browse through GRIP by using related, narrow or broader terms. In
many cases the references in GRIP are annotated with short comments by the
experts that selected them.

GRIP also hosts online versions of two publications, namely "Preservation
Science Survey. An Overview of Recent Developments in Research on the
Conservation of Selected Analog Library and Archival Materials" by Henk
J.Porck and René Teygeler and "Preservation of Archives in Tropical
Climates. An annotated bibliography" by René Teygeler with the co-operation
of Gerrit de Bruin, Bihanne Wassink and Bert van Zanen. 

A team, consisting of experts at the Nationaal Archief, European Commission
on Preservation and Access and the ECPA Scientific Advisory Committee, will
maintain and regularly update the GRIP database. GRIP also intends to
expand the number of on-line publications, providing an open platform for
preservation literature.

Third parties that hold valuable information on preservation are invited to
make it available through the gateway. If you have anything to contribute,
literature, a database, etc. please let us know. Also, if you have any
questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the GRIP editor-in-chief at
grip _at__ bureau.knaw.nl. 

GRIP website: http://www.knaw.nl/ecpa/grip/

Nationaal Archief website: http://www.nationaalarchief.nl/
contact person: Suzanne Barbier (e-mail: suzanne.barbier _at__ nationaalarchief.nl)

European Commission on Preservation and Access website:
contact person: Edwin Klijn (e-mail: edwin.klijn _at__ bureau.knaw.nl)

European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA)
P.O. Box 19121, NL-1000 GC  Amsterdam, 
visiting address: Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, NL-1011 JV  Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
tel. ++31 - 20 - 551 08 39   fax  ++31 - 20 - 620 49 41
URL: http://www.knaw.nl/ecpa/

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