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[Fwd: New issue of Information Research]

Da ich im INETBIB-Archiv auf die folgende elektronische Zeitschrift 
keinen Hinweis gefunden haben und weil hin und wieder das Lesen eines
wissenschaftlichen Artikels nicht schaden kann, leite ich diese 
Mail weiter.
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A new issue of Information Research is now available at:


Here's the Editorial:

As a results of the efforts we are making to widen the scope of
           Information Research by our relationships with similar
           Departments around the world, this issue has something of a
           "Sheffield only" appearance - wider intake is promised for
           our next issue. 

           Having said that, I think that the submissions are
           interesting: we have a paper, based on a student
           dissertation from on the attempts by UK universities to use
           Business Process Re-engineering to achieve organizational
           change. As usual, the British universities appear to be
           seizing upon some private sector management fad just as the
           private sector is deciding that it was just a fad. It seems
           that the academic imagination (or at least that of those
           who direct the affairs of academic institutions) leaves
           something to be desired when it comes to determining how to

           Next, under the label of a "Working Paper" is the Web
           version of a report by Francis Greene, Brendan Loughridge
           and myself on the management information needs of academic
           Heads of Department. This was the result of a research
           project supported by the British Library R & D Department
           and was completed in 1996. However, it had very little
           circulation at the time, being deposited at the Document
           Supply Centre at Boston Spa, and never published in book
           form. The results support to some degree the final sentence
           of the previous paragraph!

           The final new item in this issue is a report of an
           International Workshop in the field of database integrity,
           verification and validitation. The lead author, hidden in
           the long list of contributors, is Barry Eaglestone, who
           joined the Department here in Sheffield towards the end of
           last year.

           I have left the link to the Doctoral Papers from the ISIC
           Conference, as it has had a significant number of hits (264
           at today's count) since the last issue was published, and
           repetition here may guarantee more.

           I hope that by the time this appears I shall have managed
           to update the list of student dissertations to cover
           1997/98 instead of 1996/97.

           Remember that, although we now have Regional Editors, we
           are willing to consider papers from anywhere in the world,
           not simply those from the regions indicated.  I act as
           General Editor and will accept submissions from Western
           Europe, the Middle and Far East, and Australasia.

           Remember also that you get advance notice of new issues of
           Information Researchif you sign up.

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