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[Fwd: New York Catastrophe]

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From: ahudson _at__ nypl.org
>To: maphist _at__ camail1.harvard.edu,
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>	mryniak _at__ aol.com,
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>Subject: we are safe so far
>Dear Friends and Family,
>Map Division staff here at NYPL are ok,  Nancy was turned back in New
>Jersey and never made it across the river. So she is home now. Matt is in
>Brooklyn, and saw the second plane hit the World Trade building  as it
>happened.He is staying put at home. Meera just came back, as she found the
>Port Authority sealed off, so she cannot get home to New Jersey. No way off
>Manhattan for the duration, which I hope is just for a few hours. We have
>not heard from Alexandra Cabreja or the pages, and just hope they are home,
>and not in a dark subway tunnel. Terry Sparks has not been heard from, and
>I assume is on the Metro North commuter train somewhere in Connecticut.
>I just walked up to the Library from 21st Street and Park, and people are
>crying in the street, staring up, wondering, praying, yelling at the SOBs
>who would do this to innocent people [mothers, sisters, daughters...he
>screamed]. Most businesses are evacuating, and this is a problem, as all
>the subways are down, the bridges are closed, and the buses quit running.
>So it is difficult to get people out of Manhattan! But there is an amazing
>stream of people just calmly heading north, walking home, if they can get
>home. Then again, just a few minutes ago, people were screaming and running
>in panic on Fifth Avenue in front of the Library.
>The Library has been closed, but I am staying a while because the phone
>still works here [I think we should stary open as a symbol of stability and
>shelter, but I am about the only staffer who thought so!], but I will stay
>here awhile.
>We heard the Pentagon and State Dept. were hit also, and so suspect this
>will mean war...sad, so sad.
>I just heard that both world trade buildings are completely down. All those
>You probably know more than I do at this point.
>Anyway, everybody, be safe. Talk to you later if we have news here.
>Alice C. Hudson
>Chief, Map Division
>The Humanities and Social Sciences Library
>The New York Public Library
>5th Avenue & 42nd Street, Room 117
>New York, NY 10018-2788
>ahudson _at__ nypl.org; 212-930-0589; fax 212-930-0027
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