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[InetBib] digitale Langzeitarchivierung: KB press release

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

diese Pressemeldung moechte ich Ihnen gerne weiter leiten.
Doppelempfang bitte ich zu entschuldigen. Ich moechte auch darauf
hinweisen, dass die Folien der Tools und Trends Konferenz verfuegbar
sind: http://www.kb.nl/hrd/congressen/toolstrends/programme-en.html

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Olaf Brandt


Royal decoration for founder of KB's e-Depot

The Hague, 13 November 2007

Johan Steenbakkers, Director of e-Strategy and Property Management of
the KB, the National Library of the Netherlands, has been appointed
Knight of the Order of Oranje Nassau on account of his achievements in
developing the e-Depot, the digital repository of the KB. The ceremony
took place during the international digital preservation conference
Tools & Trends, which was organized by the KB on the occasion of
Steenbakkers' retirement.

Steenbakkers played a vital role in developing a storage system for
digital publications. The first ideas for such a system were developed
in the early 1990s, when electronic publishing was first introduced
and the KB decided that e-publications should be included in the
national deposit collection. Dr. Steenbakkers not only developed an
innovative vision on the future of electronic publications and the
KB's role, but he also came to be the moving force behind a joint
IBM/KB project to develop a repository system which met the demands of
long-term storage and access. Thus the e-Depot came to be, a world
first in the storage of electronic documents, journals and websites.

Ten million articles in the e-Depot

Dr. Steenbakkers' knowledge, drive and enthusiasm allowed the KB to
gain an international reputation in the area of digital preservation.
Considerable interest was roused worldwide and twelve major
publishers, including Springer, Elsevier, Blackwell and BioMed
concluded archiving agreements with the KB. Just before Steenbakkers'
retirement, the 10 millionth journal article was ingested.

Tools & Trends in digital preservation

During the international conference Tools & Trends, the latest tools
were presented that are being developed to ensure perpetual access to
digital objects. The special vulnerability of digital objects requires
a dynamic, worldwide approach. Tools & Trends afforded a growing
international community of researchers the opportunity to share ideas
on the challenges involved and possible solutions.

Digital objects can take many different shapes, and they are being
created across various disciplines. Therefore, the KB conference also
included the most important trends in such disciplines as physics and
audiovisual archives. The conference offered new inspiration to tackle
the many problems of digital preservation.

Strategic global analysis

Archiving and preserving electronic scholarly publications and
ensuring their access for the long term is a key priority for the KB.
To provide a sound evidence base for this long-term strategy and
analyse how to respond flexibly to a variety of possible future
developments and events, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek commissioned RAND
Europe to analyse the KB's e-Depot strategy. RAND Europe, an
independent not-for-profit research organisation, examined the key
determinants of sustainable digital preservation of scholarly
publications, with specific reference to developing a robust approach
to the archiving of such records at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The
Netherlands. The report, entitled 'Addressing the uncertain future of
preserving the past', can be downloaded from:
www.kb.nl/nieuws/2007/rand_report_e-depot and from



More information is available from: Shirley van Maren (corporate
communications), shirley.vanmaren@xxxxx +31 70 314 02 17

Olaf Brandt
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