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[InetBib] English for Information Professionals

Talent spotting

There seems to be a great demand for courses in >English for Information Professionals< in Germany and not enough trainers to go around!

Are you a native or nearly-native speaker of the English language, a trainer in English as a foreign language with knowledge of the library world, or perhaps a librarian yourself, working in an instititute or company here and would be interested in giving one or two day courses in Germany for colleagues who have a good level of English?

The idea is to share the load by establishing a pool of "free-lance" trainers and to exchange ideas and material.

<>If this short request has evoked an initial interest then please contact me

by email >l. fairhurst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx< <mailto:fairhurst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%3C>
for further information - I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you.  <>

Lindsey Fairhurst

Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg - Direktion -
- IntFort- interne Fortbildung -
Bockenheimer Landstrasse   134-138
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: ++ 49 (69) 798 39 231
Fax: ++49 (69) 798 39  062
Mail: l.fairhurst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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