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[InetBib] Fwd: [IFLA-L] Petition for reducing annual conferences fees for members and speakers

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich möchte Sie hiermit auf den folgenden Beitrag aus dem IFLA-Verteiler 
aufmerksam machen.
Doppelempfang bitte ich zu entschuldigen.

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff:        [IFLA-L] Petition for reducing annual conferences fees for 
members and speakers
Datum:  Wed, 7 Dec 2011 16:11:46 +0100
Von:    Navas Fernandez, Miguel Ernesto <miguel.navas@xxxxxxxxxx>

Dear colleagues

The purpose for this email is to express our disapproval of IFLA's 
long-existing requirement that members and speakers should pay the 
registration fee to the annual conference. This policy is for us 
questionable, and we think it is necessary to say so. We may seem to be 
overcritical with institutional policies, but this criticism is done 
with all respect and admiration for the people working at IFLA.

As you know, IFLA's requirement is that speakers and professional groups 
members from the sections pay their fee to attend the annual conference, 
restricting access to those librarians who do not get a funding from 
their organizations or are not sponsored by private companies. For such 
attendees, this implies a big personal effort if they want to 
participate in the conference.

Each section has 400 Euros of annual administrative funds, but this is 
not enough to cover expenses. Each one is allowed to invite only one 
speaker for free to the annual conference -the rest have to pay their 
own registration.

In order to open up IFLA to a wider audience, I believe professional 
group members and invited speakers should pay a reduced registration fee 
-a remarkable one, given that the current discounts are not enough. 
Naturally, this may cause IFLA getting less money from registrations, 
but that could be made up for in many ways, such as getting other means 
for financing or reducing conference costs.

If you agree with me that IFLA should require that professional groups 
members and speakers can pay the registration fee to the annual 
conference with a remarkable discount -for instance 80%- please visit 
and sign it indicating your IFLA Professional Group.

Many thanks, best regards,

Miguel Navas-Fernandez, Chair
Guillermo Garcia-Capcha, Information Coordinator / Web Editor
Magdalena Biota, Corresponding Member
from Government Libraries Section


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