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[InetBib] ECIS 2015 | 10 Days | CfP for Track: Media Management and Information Systems | 10 Days Left | Strict Deadline 28th November

                                           CALL FOR PAPERS

                            Cinzia Dal Zotto, Artur Lugmayr, and Robert Picard

                   European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015, 
M?nster, Germany 

- submission opens: 6th October 2014
- submission deadline: 28th November 2014 (strict and only deadline!)
- notification of acceptance: 28th February 2015

- submission system: http://www.ecis2015.eu/participation/submissions
- track homepage: 

The track is organized by the Association of Information System (AIS) 
in cooperation with the International Ambient Media Association (iAMEA)


Media firms face the central tension between the need to optimize and to 
innovate. Innovation is constantly needed 
as audiences are fragmenting as well as changing their preferences, and demand 
is rapidly declining. Thus, mechanisms 
must be developed to allow a multi-platform exploitation of content so that 
user preferences are fulfilled and returns 
from investments ensured. Information technology plays a key role within this 

Newly emerged forms of news and, more in general, knowledge gathering, 
dissemination and consumption have been 
challenging traditional economic and working models during the past decade. 
These new forms are driven by mass 
creativity, interactive rather than passive consumption of media, erosion of 
industrial control over the means 
of production and the development of highly accessible new communication 
technologies. The implications of these 
emerging modes of practice have enormous potential for constructive growth and 
increased competitiveness within 
our economic system.

Media are therefore an interesting and worthwhile research object for both 
media and information technology 
scholars. Besides strategic management, innovation and technology management 
theories as well as concepts from 
disciplines such as sociology and psychology can be applied in order to better 
understand the impact of social 
media on the development of new business models, and on media user and consumer 
behavior. This track aims 
therefore at merging media management as well as information management and 
systems researchers to stimulate 
discussion around the current status as well as the future development of media 
from a technological, managerial, 
business as well as social point of view.

The proposed track will focus on (but is not limited to) topics such as
-          The role of information technology within the development of the 
media industry
-          The impact of information systems on the economics of the media 
-          Network and Lock-in effects on media industry structure and 
-          Information systems and media convergence issues
-          The role of technology acceptance factors for the adoption and 
diffusion of technology driven media products
-          The role of content and information systems for the creation of new 
media business models
-          The interplay between technology and content, and their impact on 
media consumer choices
-          Information technology and the emergence of new media professions
-          The link between information systems and the development of data 
-          The impact of information systems on journalistic work and processes
-          Information technology, audience measurement and audience 
-          Information technology and social media management


The proposed track on media management aims at attracting the full spectrum of 
-          Completed papers that represent a mature, theory-driven and 
empirically validated research
-          Research-in-progress papers that explore emerging research areas and 
would profit from discussion and feedback at ECIS
-          Practical examples of technology sustained new media business models 
and managerial systems

Research papers and research-in-progress papers are limited to 12 and 7 pages 
in length respectively, 
practical examples to 14 pages. All submissions must use the Word or the LaTeX 
template on the website 
and be submitted as PDF.

Submissions to ECIS 2015 must be original, NOT previously published in a 
journal or conference proceedings, 
nor presented at another conference. Moreover, they must NOT be currently under 
consideration for publication 
or presentation elsewhere. Note that a person can be (co)author of NO more than 
3 submissions to ECIS 2015 
to assure diversity at the conference.

For all the relevant information regarding the submission of your paper(s) to 
ECIS 2015, please go to: 

If you have questions concerning the ECIS TRACK 28: MEDIA MANAGEMENT AND 
contact: cinzia.dalzotto@xxxxxxxx or Artur Lugmayr (lartur@xxxxxxx). If you 
have a question regarding 
the submission of your paper and your question is not being answered on the 
website, please feel free 
to contact info@xxxxxxxxxxxx


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